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Full Time Classrooms

The Acorn Class is our youngest group and spend much of their day learning academic and life skills through play, songs and games as well as through frequent outdoor learning opportunities. There is a focus on this class on addressing communication needs and building foundations skills that will allow pupils to progress in their education as they move forward.

The Selkie class is the upper Primary class at Parklands. Pupils in the Selkie class learn through a variety of play opportunities and sensory experiences, with a strong focus on building communication skills. We enjoy experiential learning, especially outdoors, with opportunities to experiment and try new things. In the Selkie class we are working to build confidence and self-esteem as we continue our learning journey.

The Rowan Tree Class is one of two of classes for Secondary Pupils. The Rowan Tree Class serves pupils with a variety of strengths and places a special focus on sensory activities. Pupils in this class have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities throughout the school day to meet their individual learning needs and achieve National Qualifications by the time they leave Parklands.

The Shooting Stars is the second of our two secondary classes. Pupils in the Shooting Stars Class strengthen their social skills to prepare for life after they leave Parklands while continuing to work on academic achievement. Like all secondary pupils at Parklands, pupils in the Shooting Stars have the opportunity to achieve National Qualifications before moving on.