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Full Time Classrooms

The Acorn Class is our youngest group and spend much of their day learning academic and life skills through play, songs and games. There is a focus on this class on addressing communication needs, feeling comfortable in school and building foundations skills that will allow pupils to progress in their education as they move forward.

The Selkie class is the second of our primary classes at Parklands. Pupils in the Selkie class learn through a variety of play opportunities and sensory experiences, with a strong focus on building communication skills. Pupils in the Selkie class continue of their learning journeys while building confidence and self-esteem. 

The Rowan Tree Class is our upper primary class. The Rowan Tree Class serves a variety of pupils while meeting each of their individual learning needs. We continue to provide learning activities based on Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence in a way that is accessible and motivating for all pupils. 

The Shooting Stars primarily set up for our lower secondary pupils (S1-S3) Pupils in the Shooting Stars Class strengthen their social skills to prepare for life after they leave Parklands while continuing to work on academic achievement. 

Due to the continued growth of our school, Parklands opened a fifth classroom in August of 2022. Named by the pupils the “Senior Base” work in this classroom focuses on achieving SQA qualifications, developing skills pupils will need throughout life and in preparing for the transition from school to adult life.